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Top reasons to attend our Program

At Blingo we offer international cultural language programs. If you are looking for international certified
trips for schools or individuals, we got you covered. We curate cultural travel programs to ensure
maximum productivity and growth. Here are six compelling reasons to opt for this program:

Master Language Skills
Explore New Cultures
Enhance Your Resume
Discover Opportunities Abroad
Create Multinational Connections
Develop Soft Skills


French course in Quebec City
Study Arabic in Egypt
French course in France
Study Italian in Milan
Spanish classes in Spain

All Blingo journeys include

Accommodation & Meals
Cultural Activities and excursions
Language Classes
Airfare and Transfers
Visa and Insurance
Pre-Departure Workshop
24/7 Emergency Assistance

Why Choose Us

We work with only the best schools and programs in the world: We select our schools very carefully, visit them on location, and know the directors personally.
We believe in transparency: Our prices are fixed and we will give you complete information right from the beginning
We serve you from start to finish: You will receive complete, personalized assistance before, during, and after your study trip.

How Our Programs Stand Out

Our international cultural language programs are designed to provide students with immersive and transformative experiences. From school cultural trips to individualized cultural travel programs, Blingo ensures that every journey is educational, enriching, and memorable. Engage in culture and language learning that transcends traditional classroom settings, offering hands-on experiences that foster deep understanding and appreciation. Choose Blingo for school cultural travel programs that prioritize safety, quality, and comprehensive support. Our cultural trips for students are not just educational tours; they are life-changing adventures that cultivate global citizens.


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