About Us

At Blingo, our mission extends beyond organizing travel or language programmes. Our vision is to ignite curiosity, promote understanding, and build bridges between cultures. We are passionate about creating a global community of learners, explorers, and world-changers.

If you’re a curious soul yearning to explore new horizons, a language enthusiast eager to dive deeper into foreign dialects, or a budding global citizen ready to broaden your perspective, Blingo is your ideal companion. We offer a safe and supportive environment for participants to immerse themselves in new cultures, gain language proficiency, and develop self-confidence that transcends borders.

Join us on a journey of discovery as we traverse ancient markets in Cairo, sit at chic cafes in Milan, savor the best paella in Valencia, or stroll under the mesmerizing lights of Paris. With Blingo, you don’t just learn about the world; you experience it!

Remember, at Blingo, we not only¬† create travelers;but also shape global citizens. Embark on this extraordinary journey and witness the world with fresh eyes – you’ll be surprised by what you discover about the world and, most importantly, about yourself.

Meet the founders

Prerita Nandwani

Founder and CEO

Apurva Mittal

Apurva Mittal

Founder and CTO

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