How Blingo chooses its Institutions

Choosing the right language institutions is a crucial step in the cultural immersion journey. Blingo’s commitment to offering top-notch language programs involves a careful selection of institutions that goes beyond standard accreditation criteria. Our institution selection involves a holistic review of various parameters.

Personal Attendance for Quality Assurance

At Blingo, we personally attend courses at potential institutions to assess class quality. This firsthand experience allows us to evaluate teaching methods, atmosphere, and the overall learning environment. It ensures that the language courses offered through Blingo not only meet academic standards but also provide an enriching experience for all individuals.

Building Long-Lasting Relationships

Blingo believes in the power of personal connections. We establish and maintain personal relationships with institution directors. By nurturing these relationships, we ensure open lines of communication, direct access to decision-makers, and a deeper understanding of each institution’s ethos. It’s not just about business; it’s about creating partnerships that prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of our participants.

Living with Host Families for Accountability and Safety

To guarantee the safety and accountability of accommodation, Blingo takes a unique step—living with host families. We immerse ourselves in the host family experience to assess living conditions and ensure they meet high standards. This commitment to accountability extends to every aspect of the cultural immersion journey, emphasizing the importance of a secure and supportive environment for participants.

Beyond Accreditation

While accreditation from respected bodies is a baseline requirement, Blingo goes above and beyond. The emphasis is on selecting independently run institutions, steering away from large chain organizations. This choice allows for direct communication, ensuring that we can address any concerns promptly. The focus is on quality, not just in academic offerings but in the overall experience—facilities, staff, and the surrounding neighbourhood.

Client Satisfaction

Client feedback forms a crucial pillar of our institution selection process. We actively solicit and carefully analyze the experiences and testimonials of program participants. This rich data informs our decisions, ensuring that we partner only with institutions consistently exceeding expectations and leaving a lasting positive impact on individuals.

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